100 Years Remaining, 2017

"The music created as Entrail—the solo project of Eugene, OR loop wizard Christine Anderson—is weird, unearthly, and beautiful, which are my three favorite musical descriptors. It's also terribly difficult to describe, which, in a perverse way, only adds to its charms. Anderson is a master of manipulation, whether we're talking voice, synths, strings, or any of the other myriad sounds they seemingly magick out of thin air during the course of 100 Years Remaining, the project's debut recording. At times, it sounds like murmuring drone, crackling and snapping; at others, a neoclassical suite, tracked by end-time melodies and Anderson's elastic, enigmatic vocals." -Kim Kelly, Noisey

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Ursula Demo, 2015

"Entrail's debut release is two dark and brooding pieces of classically influenced experimental music. Layers of noise, keys and violin provide a foundation for lyrics rife with dagger sharp social commentary and expression of the hopelessness of the human condition. Dismal in tone and beautifully grim, 'Ursula' is positively haunting." -Flossless Audio